Update low water situation Rhine - Temporary stop Rhine and Neckar service.

Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2018

To our customers,

Reference is made to earlier correspondence and our daily updates with regards to the current and ongoing low water situation on the Rhine and Neckar service.

The water level at key measurement point Pegel Kaub did reach an alltime low record with 0.31M this morning. According to the short-term weather forecast the water level is still falling for the next few days.

In view of nautical safety we are forced to temporary stop our Rhine and Neckar service. For the time being we will transfer the available fleet capacity to other lanes in our extensive European network.

According to our general terms and conditions we no longer have an transport obligation under 0.81M at Pegel Kaub. For that reason we cannot accept any liability for possible costs that may be incurred through delays in the delivery and collection of shipments.

Naturally we will resume our Rhine and Neckar service as soon as the water levels and indications shows any improvement. In the meantime we will keep you informed about the situation and our local Customer Service team will keep you up to date about your current shipments and available limited landside alternatives . In case of any questions from your side don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Service person in charge.

Trusting the above to suffice, we remain.

With kinds regards,

Management Danser Group