Pilot project “Consolidation of small container volumes” in Port of Antwerp

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2018
Pilot project “Consolidation of small container volumes” in Port of Antwerp

To our customers,

Reference is made to earlier publications by Port of Antwerp regarding consolidation of volumes for more efficient barge transport. Port of Antwerp has the aim to consolidate small container volumes to increase the call sizes at the deepsea terminals to improve the container barge efficiency.

In the meantime Port of Antwerp published the document “Towards a more efficient container barge transport” including all measures valid from 05.11.2018 :

The pilot project starts on 5th November 2018, with a minimum call size of 20 moves per container terminal (loading and unloading). This is lower than originally announced and is due to the water level on the Rhine at present being lower than normal. The minimum call size will later be increased to 30 moves, from 3rd December onwards.

In case of less than the proposed minimum call size barge operators need to bundle volumes via the by Port of Antwerp awarded consolidation hubs in the port (K364 of K667) or at inland terminals (Meerhout, Genk, Willebroek, Moerdijk, Gorinchem, Duisburg and Gent). The Flemish government and Antwerp Port Authority have introduced a temporary system during the pilot with operational and financial support.

In the meantime we prepare our operational activities on this Port of Antwerp measure and from the start we are going to monitor and analyse the operational and financial consequences during this consolidation pilot.

Trusting the above to suffice, we remain.

With kinds regards,

Management Danser Group