Sustainable Waterways

Inland waterway logistics is the greenest mode of transport today. Danser plays a pioneering role in improving sustainability. For example, we recently refitted one of our existing push-tow combinations, the Eiger Nordwand, with a dual-fuel powertrain. The motors are now powered 99% by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Eiger Nordwand is now the first container barge to be sailing on LNG. The environmental performance of LNG compared to diesel is excellent. LNG produces 20% less CO2 emissions, 80% less NOx, and 99% less particulate matter.

This modification underlines the sustainable ambitions of our company. We do more than just talk about sustainability. We take concrete steps to make a difference. Danser is one of the initiators of the platform ‘VoortVarend Besparen’ (Efficient Barging). We have also won a Green Award and participate in Lean and Green. Implementing green initiatives are a priority for Danser. The organization has consciously set a green course for the future.

About Danser Group

Danser stands for reliable and completely taken care of container transport across the European inland waterways.

In addition to the transport by barge, Danser also offers transport by truck and rail, as well as various additional services.


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