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Danser Group
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Eiger LNG Refit

To meet the increasing demand for sustainable transport, Danser Group decided to refit one of their own barges (Eiger-Nordwand) with a Dual-Fuel (LNG / Gasoil) propulsion system. As a result, the engines of the Eiger will be powered by LNG for 99%.

With this project Danser Group realizes the first ever LNG refit on a existing barge. The expected emmision reductions wil be 20% less CO2, 80% less NOx (nitrogen) and 95% less partical matter.

LNG Project Blog

  June 2014 : Eiger LNG Event

  June 2014 : Shipyard update.
The engine room operations continue; insulation is placed, the floor is mounted and the fresh air inlet for the engines is being finished. In addition, the various components for making the engines operate are placed, such as exhaust, ESD and GVU’s etc . The roof of the LNG compartment is now fully installed.

  May 2014 : Shipyard update.
The engine room is now closed. After finishing the final constructions of the LNG compartment, the LNG tank has been put into its final position. A start has been made with the placement of the roof on the LNG compartment.

  May 2014 : Shipyard update.
The construction of the LNG compartment is progressing well with placement of the base of the LNG-tank and construction of the separation wall between cargo hold and LNG compartment. Also the two new LNG dual-fuel engines have entered the machineroom where they will be further assembled.

  April 2014 : Progress at the shipyard.
After the Eiger arrived at the shipyard the conversion started. The current engines have been taken out after the engine room had been opened. Furthermore the alterations to the dummietanks have been started and the new rear bulkhead is installed. In the engine room, new engine mounts have been made and shortened driveshafts are mounted.

  April 2014 : The Eiger goes to the shipyard.
Eiger-Nordwand goes to the shipyard to start the refit. In early June the work must be completed.

  April 2014 : Eiger picks up LNG tank in Alphen.
After the construction of the LNG-tank has been completed, the Eiger picks up the tank in Alphen and is heading off to the shipyard where the actual refit of the Eiger-Nordwand will be started.
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  February 2014 : Assembly of LNG tank progresses.

  February 2014 : Received recommendation of CCNR committee in Strasbourg.
On 20 February, after several presentations and consultations the final recommendation from the CCNR committee in Strasbourg is recieved.


February 2014 : Arrival of the LNG tank in the Netherlands.
The LNG tank arrives in the Netherlands. From here it will be further assembled and the Coldbox will be added.

  November 2013 : Acceptance tests of the Wärtsilä engines in Finland.
The two engines, type 6L20DF have a 900kW output per engine and are tested and demonstrated in Finland.
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  November 2013 : Acceptance test LNG tank Spain.
Construction of the LNG tank is officially completed.

  October 2013 : Two-day HAZID study.

  August 2013 : Start construction of the LNG tank.
Start with the construction of the LNG cryogenic tank with a capacity of 60 m3. Equipped with vacuum insulation, the tank in combination with a coldbox will supply the powertrain with the LNG gas.

  May 2013 : Launch of the detailed design.
Through 3D CAD drawings a detailed design of the complete installation is made.

  June 2012 : Start of the conceptual design.
Project is fully described in order to serve as a guideline throughout the rest of the project.

  February 2012 : Launch of the LNG project.
Decision is made to convert the Eiger Nordwand to a Dual-Fuel propulsion system. It will be the first LNG refit on an existing barge.

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