Congestion situation in Rotterdam and Antwerp

donderdag 8 juni 2017

Dear Customer,

Reference is made to previous notifications with regards to the situation at the container terminals in the deepsea ports Rotterdam and Antwerp. With this update we will inform you about the recent developments.

The barge operations are still suffering with daily delays. These delays still have a huge effect on our sailing schedules as well as on the utilization of our barges.

Naturally we already developed and introduced some measures to avoid the negative influence on our daily operations as much as possible for this moment. These self created solutions affect the cost structure of the daily business. Following this we want to alert you that we cannot avoid consequences of the current conditions, because we have no direct influence on the situation. We ask you for your understanding, that we cannot accept any responsibility for additional cost like demurrage, detention, extra handling, transhipment, truck delivery, etc.

The coming days we will consider the current situation in the deepsea ports and will keep you up to date if any further actions are required to continue our liner services in our European Network.

With kind regards,

Danser Group Management

Over Danser Group

Danser Groep staat voor betrouwbaar en compleet verzorgd containervervoer binnen Noordwest-Europa.

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