New service between Rotterdam, Gent, Vlissingen and Terneuzen.

Danser Group starts a new barge connection between Rotterdam, Gent, Vlissingen and Terneuzen.

Rail shuttle Antwerp <> Strasbourg (F)

The Danser rail network is further expanding with the connection Antwerp <> Strasbourg


Railshuttle Rotterdam <> Strasbourg (F) / Kehl (D)

In addition to the Barge services Danser Group launched a rail service between Rotterdam and Strasbourg (F) / Kehl (D).


Acquisition CFNR container activities

With the acquisition of the CFNR container services Danser laid the foundation for Danser France & Danser België. This also expands the Danser network with Wallonië and the North of France.


Bayern also reachable per rail

After the successful launch of the rail service between Rotterdam and Stuttgart we are now able to offer rail service to the inland destinations Nürnberg and München in Bayern.


Expansion to rail

Danser emphasizes its intermodal ambitions with the launch of a rail shuttle (R2X) between Rotterdam and the Stuttgart region.


Limburg a part of the network

Start of the direct line service between Rotterdam and TCT Venlo.


1.000.000 TEU transported

Danser passes the magical number of 1.000.000 TEU’s per year.


Moerdijk becomes part of the network

Expansion of the Benelux activities with a new regular service between the ports of Rotterdam / Antwerp and Moerdijk.

Fleet expansion

Push-tow combination Alsace-Holland starts operation (348 TEU).


Expansion to Switzerland

With the acquisition of Natural van Dam, Danser Switzerland is created.


Push-tow conversions

The 'Marla', ‘Nordwand’ and ‘Grindelwald’ are converted to push-tow combinations 'Marla Duo-Marla','Eiger-Nordwand' and 'Grindelwald-Mürren'. Expanding ship capacity to 348 TEU.


Nordwand & Grindelwald start operations

The 'Nordwand' and 'Grindelwald' start operations. Both ships have a capacity of 220 TEU.


Barge service to Willebroek

The Danser network expands with a direct barge service to Willebroek.


Acquisition Eurobarge

With the acquisition of Eurobarge from the Koninklijke Nedlloyd Groep, Danser Containerline positions itself as key player on the Rotterdam - Antwerp route.

Marla starts operations

As the first of a 4 ship fleet the 'Marla' starts its operations (220 TEU)


Danser connects Badem-Württemberg

New line-service from Rotterdam and Antwerp to the inland terminal of Stuttgart.


Intermodal service provider

Danser Containerline is expanding in a rapid pace and with its Customer Service department develops itself from a barge operator to a intermodal service provider.


Pioneering with push-tow combinations

The "Laurent/Laurens" with a capacity of 351 TEU starts ist operations being the first container push-tow combination all the way to Basel.


Establishment Danser ContainerLine

Start of the container services between the Upper Rhine and the Seaports Rotterdam & Antwerpen.