Disruption deepsea schedules & data reliability

11 March 2021
Disruption deepsea schedules & data reliability

Dear relation,

The last few months we are faced with developments in our industry which have a negative effect on our daily operations, utilization and costs.

This is very often related to the fact that cargo opening time has been postponed due to deep-sea vessels delay. At this moment less than 40% of deep-sea vessels is on time according to their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). This is caused due to several reasons such as overstocked terminals around the world, weather conditions, high demand for container transport and changes in consumption behavior due to the pandemic.

The delays often amounts more than 5-6 days and is regularly announced at a very late stage. This situation leads to increasing problems regarding availability of import containers and with the delivery of export containers at the terminals due to cargo opening time.

As a result it could happen that export containers cannot be discharged, while already on their way by barge, rail or truck. This will lead to additional operational costs for transshipment, storage and/or transport costs. We will inform you when this will occur on your current bookings.

In addition to this we would also like to ask you to pay attention to the accuracy and reliability of the available data during the booking. Please contact our team about any changes and updates compared to the original order. Our Data-Control-Center acts proactively with the available sources but also depends on your support in terms of data alertness to avoid unnecessary booking disruptions.

Another effect is relating to the detention/demurrage period. It is not unthinkable that you will exceed your cost-free period for the use of the container and that the detention/demurrage days will start during transport. In such a case we suggest that you immediately contact your freight forwarder or shipping company to avoid additional costs. As operator we can’t bear these charges resulting from this.

It goes without saying that our local Customer-Service-Team will support you where possible during these ongoing circumstances. If you have any questions you can contact us.

With kind regards.

Management Danser Group