Leie Service

The Leie service is a regular service. It is available between the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Zeebrugge and French Flanders. There are five departures per week, connecting Lille (Port de Lille and Lille Conteneurs Terminal) and Terminal Dourges Conteneurs. The ships also stop at Terminal Wevelgem and Halluin Conteneurs Terminal. The Leie (202 kilometres) starts in northern France and flows into the river Schelde near Ghent.

Sailing schedule

Rotterdam to Lille and Dourges

Rotterdam - Terneuzen - Halluin - Lille - Dourges
2x per week

Lille en Dourges naar Rotterdam

Dourges - Lille - Halluin - Terneuzen - Rotterdam
3x per week


Antwerp to Lille and Dourges

Antwerp - Terneuzen - Wevelgem - Halluin - Lille - Dourges
5x per week

Lille and Dourges and Antwerp

Dourges - Lille - Halluin - Wevelgem - Terneuzen - Antwerp
5x per week


Zeebrugge to Lille and Dourges

Zeebrugge - Gent - Wevelgem - Halluin - Lille  - Dourges
3x per week

Lille and Dourges to Zeebrugge

Dourges - Lille - Halluin - Wevelgem - Gent - Zeebrugge
3x per week