Danser, a Specialist in Reefer Transport

The transport of medicine was previously carried out by air. But the introduction of the GDP guidelines for maritime and inland waterway transport brought in a change. Operators handling this valuable cargo have a great need for safety and insight. Measurements and control are key in this process.

The handling, storage, and transport of medicine is complex. Logistics companies must prove that the transport meets the requirements of the GDP guidelines. For this, Danser has collaborated with pharma customers to develop a specific safety process. Our customers play an important role in assessing the quality of the service. They give direct feedback on the procedures and safety protocols. If necessary, appropriate measures are taken to bring in further improvements.

Customers of Danser can monitor the temperature of their refrigerated containers closely within the portal. Everything is measured and recorded at regular intervals. So, customers have control over the operations. Our reefer monitoring provides the exact status. It is one of Danser’s unique features in the sector. Such services provide endorsements for Danser's image as an innovator. With this development, Danser has facilitated the switch for pharma containers from air freight to inland waterways.