Danser Group Update congestion surcharge

mercredi 27 février 2019

To our customers,

We herewith send you an update after earlier publications regarding the congestion situation in the Port of Antwerp and Port of Rotterdam.

In our newsletter of Friday 26th October we informed you about the announced Pilot project “Consolidation of small container volumes” in the Port of Antwerp to improve the container barge efficiency. The pilot project started on 5th November 2018, with a minimum call size of 20 moves per container terminal (loading and unloading) because of the lower water level on the Rhine last year. At 3rd of December 2018 the minimum call size was increased by Port of Antwerp to 30 moves because of the improved waterlevel situation.

Recently Port of Antwerp published that the expected improvement in the handling of container barges at the maritime terminals has not been achieved. From the intermediate evaluation with the steering group and discussions with various parties in the chain, the question of a consolidation hub on the Left bank for the operation of the terminals located on the Deurganckdok. According to the Port of Antwerp the bundling pilot will continue until the end of June 2019 under the current conditions to have more time to evaluate and get access to enough representative data.

As operator in the field we actually monitor congestion between 24 and 60 hours in our daily operational activities in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. We continue to monitor our inhouse data and analyse the operational and financial consequences resulting from this. Our Danser Group sailing schedule architects continue to work on smart intermodal concepts to limit the influences of the ongoing conditions.

Trusting the above to suffice we remain.

With kind regards,

Management Danser Group