Update temporary higher waterlevels

donderdag 15 juli 2021
Update temporary higher waterlevels

Dear business partner,

At the beginning of this week we did inform you about the higher and rising waterlevels on the Upper Rhine area due to the exceptional weather conditions.

As you have probably seen in the news the area has been further expanded in addition to the Upper Rhine catchment area. We are currently affected on some parts of the inland waterways in our network in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. The actual situation leads to temporary and partially blockages of some inland waterways.

The above circumstances have influence on our sailing schedules and may temporary affect your current bookings. We will continue to monitor the situation in the coming days by following closely the available information from the various sources and authorities. According to the latest forecasts the situation will improve within the next few days.

In case your booking is affected your local Customer Service representative will contact you. In case of any further questions from your side please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Trusting the above to suffice, we remain.

With kind regards,

Management Danser Group