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DanserAppX Disclaimer / Conditions

Disclaimer/conditions DanserAppX, for all companies affiliated with Danser Group, including Danser Container Line B.V., Danser Benelux B.V., Danser Switzerland AG, Danser Belgium and Danser France.


  • These terms and conditions apply to DanserAppX. By using the DanserAppX you agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you must immediately stop using the DanserAppX.
  • You can use the DanserAppX only as a tool for getting further information from Danser about your container booking, such as the status of your booking, the status of one or more containers, the tracking of the vessel carrying the container(s), the history of your booking.
  • Please note the following! The information you see on your DanserAppX is similar to the information recorded at the same time in the computer system of Danser Group. This information may vary form the exact physical location and/or status of a container, because certain processes are executed manually and/or the digital processing thereof might be delayed.
  • The DanserAppX can use cookies to anonymously register statistics on the use of the app. You hereby give explicit permission to Danser Group to set and to use such cookies.
  • No right can be claimed for the use of this DanserAppX and/of the data provided thereby. The use of the DanserAppX is entirely at your own risk.


  • The data in the DanserAppX are secured with a password or with an access code. However your password is saved and memorised in order to allow you an easy and quick access. This means that third parties can have access to the data in the DanserAppX if they have access to your mobile device. You can reduce this risk by securing your mobile device with an access code or setting off the automatic login option.

Data access and storage

  • The data you see refer only to the booking made under your client reference at Danser Group. Only you have access to this data.
  • The data in the DanserAppX are not stored in iCloud when an iPhone is used.


  • Danser Group is not liable for damages of which kind whatsoever, including consequential damage, caused by the use of het DanserAppX or the information that is supplied by the DanserAppX, among others , but not limited to:
  • malfunctioning of the DanserAppX;
  • wrongful or insufficient representation of the information;
  • wrongful or incomplete content, status of geographic position of a container;
  • loss of data, virusses;
  • that data/ information becomes available to third parties;
  • wrongful use or abuse of the DanserAppX;
  • that you have trusted in the information provided by the DanserAppX;
  • The DanserAppX is provided to you by Danser Group, with its office at Sliedrecht, Trade Register Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam, number 50194283.
  • The general conditions are available on the website www.danser.nl.


  • Danser Group has the copyright of the DanserAppX. It is not allowed to make the DanserAppX available to third parties, to dispose of or to hire out the DanserAppX or to modify the DanserAppX.
  • Danser Groups reserves the right to end the DanserAppX and to stop offering the service of the DanserAppX and/or to change or modify the application. Information about the DanserAppX or provided by the Danser AppX may not be copied, downloaded, made public or distributed.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

  • Dutch law is applicable. Any dispute or difference which may arise out of or in connection with the use of the DanserAppX and/or the information provided by the DanserAppX shall be referred exclusively to the Court in Rotterdam.